Movies And Concerts In The Piazza


How does seating work? 

You'll have your own section of the lawn in the Studio Park piazza, perfect for 4 people, socially distanced from others around you. 

Why 4 tickets?

Your section on the lawn seats up to four people and therefore you must purchase all four tickets. If you want to bring less people, that's up to you, but you must purchase all four. We're doing this to allow for the most number of people to attend, while also keeping everyone appropriately distanced and our total capacity within the latest State guidelines.   

Do you have chairs or do I need to bring my own?  

At this time, it is BYO Chair. We strongly recommend chairs over blankets.  

Any rules regarding chair style?

Chairs measuring 36" to the top of the chair, when fully upright, are allowed. No chairs wider than 34". 

Do I need to wear a face covering/mask?

While these shows are in the great outdoors, we do require a face covering anytime you're moving around the seating area and not in your seat. 

What time can I show up?

The lawn will open at 7pm with full bar service available from One Twenty Three Tavern. Shows start at 8pm. 

Can I bring water? 

Yes, you can bring water.

Can I bring outside food into the piazza?

Yes, you can. Small coolers are allowed, but are subject to security checks. 

Are pets allowed? 

Sorry, pets are not allowed. 

Can I smoke? 

The piazza at Studio Park is a smoke free environment. 

What happens if it rains?

Our concerts and movies will be rain or shine. You're hardcore, bring your poncho.

Do you have handicap accessible sections? 

Yes. All sections are accessible. 

Where do I go to the bathroom? 

Restrooms are available in the lobby of Celebration Cinema. More restrooms that are accessible off of the piazza are coming soon!

Are kids allowed? 

Yes! If you're coming for a movie, please be aware of the film rating as our standard age restrictions will apply.

Do you have listening devices?  

The piazza is not equipped with listening devices. Open Captioning will be available on all movies. 

Is parking validated? 

Guests who park in the Studio Park(ing) ramp can have their parking validated with any purchase of food or beverage form One Twenty Three Tavern. This includes drinks purchased at the bar servicing the piazza during these events. 

Are we allowed to stand and dance?

You're welcome to do anything that does not block the view or detract from the experience of those around you.