Artprize @ Studio Park

Is This Artprize?

Yes, yes it is! Studio Park presents the outdoor exhibition, DAVID WALLACE HASKINS: BEING IN TIME, including new work from Haskins' contemplative Skycube series, allowing visitors to come face to face with the slow unfolding presence of the sky, to see themselves held in the very light and space that sustains them in time, underlying the forgotten intimacy and interdependence we share with the sky each day. Haskins reminds us, "The troposphere starts at ground level, the sky is down here, we live in it." Walking past the Skycube reveals Haskins' latest Time Mirror, a large LED screen reflecting the piazza in layers of time, allowing visitors to meet their past self as well as step into their present self, to become fully embodied in time. It also allows visitors to see themselves in third person, as others do. Haskins says, “Seeing the self as “other” opens new doorways of understanding and compassion, revealing the interrelational life we share with ourselves, others and the living world."

The installation starts Sept 16th and is active: Mon - Thurs 3p-11p * Fri - Sat 10a-11p * Sun 11a-10p
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Meet the Artist
David Wallace Haskins (b. 1975) is an American interdisciplinary artist using light, space, time, and sound to create experiential installations, sculptures, and architectural interventions. His works often invite exploration and participation, challenging visitor’s assumptions while highlighting the interrelational dynamic they share with themselves, others, and the world around them. Haskins develops and contextualizes his work with a team of creative technicians—often partnering with specialists in psychology, ecology, physics, and philosophy. DWH Studio is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Event Calendar

Thursday, September 16
Opening day of Artprize

Friday, September 17
Vital party at Studio Park
Featuring Live Music and The GR Ballet
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Friday, September 24
Hope Network Free Benefit Concert
Featuring Troll for Trout
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Saturday, September 25
African American Art & Music Festival
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Saturday, October 2
MI House and Listening Lawn Free Concert
Featuring In The Valley Below

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